City of Dickson Administrator

Rydell Wesson

600 East Walnut Street

The Citizens of Dickson are our most important asset. Our goal is to provide our citizens with the best possible government. To ensure our commitment to citizen service, we will:

  • Respond to all inquires, requests for service, or complaints in a professional manner;
  • Treat each citizen with respect, dignity and courtesy;
  • Provide citizens with accurate information and clearly defined procedures;
  • Treat each individuals request for assistance or service equally;
  • Make a commitment to continually improve our employees’ professional ability to maintain the highest level of citizen satisfaction.

About the City of Dickson Administrator

The City Administrator is responsible for the daily overall operation of the City of Dickson under general supervision of the Mayor and City Council. He maintains an effective working relationship with committees, department heads, employees and the public in order to coordinate and assure the effective and efficient city government operations. As the Chief Administrative Officer of the city, he is responsible for budgeting, financial planning and analysis, and human resource management.

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