Commercial / Industrial

Anyone who applies for a Commercial / Industrial building permit shall supply the following information before the permit can be issued:

  • All new construction projects must obtain a Site Plan approval from the City of Dickson Planning Commission. The developer/owner can make application at this office. (see fee’s and application for details)
  • If one gains, approval by the Planning Commission then one can submit drawings for review.
    • Projects that have a grading area that would consist of more than 10,000 square feet of developed area must submit an engineered storm water prevention plan for approval. (see storm water ordinance) (also see State of TN ref: N.O.I.)
    • Projects that consist of structure(s) over 5,000 square feet shall have stamped engineered drawings for all phases of construction.
    • Projects that are under the 5,000 square foot can submit architectural drawings, The drawings submitted shall display a scaled site plan and floor plan, it will need to show, egress doors, restrooms, storage area, office space, common/meeting areas, etc. The Building Official and Fire Marshal can asked for more detailed drawings (if needed) depending on the size and occupancy classification of the structure(s)
    • All projects must submit a drawing that displays all requirements listed in the Ordinance referring to Site Plan, Fire Department related issues, and the Planning Commission Application. (this application also serves as a building permit application)