Contact Information for the City of Dickson, Tennessee

Animal Control615-441-9591
Building Codes615-441-9505 and
Business Licenses615-441-9503
Cemetery (Union & East Dickson)615-446-0147
City Administrator615-441-9570
City Engineer615-441-9508
City of Dickson Fax615-446-4806
Fire Department Business Calls615-446-6331
Fire Department Personal Calls615-446-0390
Housing Authority615-446-4708
Mayor’s Office615-441-9508
Municipal Court615-446-9249
Parks & Recreation615-446-1721
Park Ranger Division615-446-1721
Police Department - Records615-441-9590
Police Department - Chief of Police615-446-5403
Police Department - Dispatchers615-446-8041
Police Department - Investigations615-441-9592
Police Department - Crime Prevention615-441-9580
Police Department - Probation Department615-441-1999
Public Works615-441-9506
Senior Citizens Center615-446-9350
Tax Collector615-441-9503