Crime Prevention Hotline/Tipline

(615)441-9555 or

The Crime and Drug Prevention Hotline number is (615)441-9555. It is a phone number used for turning in someone who may have a warrant on them or for any other criminal type information the Police may need. It is an anonymous tipline and when you call, you will leave your information on a recording. One of our Detectives will check the tipline everyday and turn the information over to the proper people or agencies.

It is a great way to turn in someone who may be selling drugs; has a meth lab; is cooking their own crack cocaine; is dealing in stolen goods; is committing crimes in our community or even has a warrant out for their arrest.

We need your help to stop crime. It is a community problem and it needs a community solution. Sir Edmond Burke says, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!” How true this is.