Sanitation Division

Solid Waste Department

This City of Dickson Department is responsible for the collection of all residential and some commercial waste within the Dickson City Limits.

Information Regarding Solid Waste Disposal

The City of Dickson Provides solid waste disposal service to the residents within the city limits of Dickson.

  • Place your garbage out on the street before 6:30 A.M. of your collection day.
  • All refuse must be placed inside your City of Dickson issued cart container.
  • Refuse placed outside of cart will not be picked up.
  • Additional cart containers can be purchased through the Public Works Department.
  • All sharps must be within a sealed container separate from household trash.
  • No hazardous materials, i.e., oil, gasoline, solvents, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • Additional pick-up or bulk items — $ 150.00 per load pick up; no stumps or hazardous materials.
  • Unauthorized containers or use of containers prohibited by City ordinance and law.
  • Please be a good neighbor and remove your garbage can as soon as possible that same day.

A copy of the City’s solid waste ordinance can be obtained through the Recorder’s office located at 600 East Walnut Street.

Commercial Customers

  • Commercial customers have the option of contracting with a private firm to dispose of solid waste.
  • In the event you move or no longer desire service, you need to notify the Public Works office as soon as practicable.
  • Bills are mailed approximately the 1st of each month for the next month’s service.

Fee Schedule For Commercial Accounts

# of Containers / Gallons 1 day a week 2 days a week
1 Container / 96 Gallons $30.00 month $60.00 month
2 Containers / 192 Gallons $55.00 month $110.00 month
3 Containers / 288 Gallons $70.00 month $140.00 month

Holiday Pick-Up Routes

The Holiday schedule is on the bottom of the Public Works main page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any items the Solid Waste Department will not pick up?

The Solid Waste Department will not pick up paint, motor oil, tires, household furniture, and appliances.

How can I dispose of hazardous waste?

The Dickson County Landfill schedules a day several times a year and at various locations to drop off hazardous waste. The landfill can be reached at 615-446-0019.

What is a bulk pick-up?

Appliances, furniture, construction debris, wood from decking, fencing, railroad timbers, or any other type of treated lumber are considered a bulk pick up. The City charges $150.00 a load per pick up. Payment is required in advance for bulk pick up. Please call the Solid Waste Department at 615-441-9506 if you have any questions regarding a bulk pick up or to schedule a bulk pick up.

Where can I place my limbs and brush?

Place limbs and brush that are no more than 4 feet in length and not more than 2 feet thick close to the roadway. Please do not place any objects in front of the debris. Please do not place debris underneath trees or power lines. Give the boom truck room to operate effectively.

How is brush scheduled for pick-up?

The Street Department operates street-to-street collection throughout the entire city approximately every three weeks unless there is a storm or holiday.

What time should I place my garbage can out unto the street?

Most residents place their garbage can out at the street the night before their collection day. However, it must be out by 6:30 A.M. on the day of collection.

Do I receive a bill for garbage collection?

No, your garbage service is included with your city property tax bill.

If a lawn or tree service cuts and trims my yard, is the Street Department responsible for removing this material?

No, whichever company serviced your lawn is responsible for removing excess material.

If I forget to set my garbage out and the garbage truck has already been down my street, what should I do?

Due to the high cost of service, (i.e. fuel) to provide this service, the City cannot come back until your next scheduled pick up day to get your garbage. Please make sure that your garbage is out to the curb by 6:30 A.M. If you miss your garbage pick up the county landfill has several convenience sites where you can take your garbage. You can reach the county landfill at (615)446-0019 for information about convenience site locations and hours.

What holidays does the Public Works Department observe?

The Holiday schedule is on the bottom of the Public Works main page.