Recorder’s Office

Kimberly Givens, Recorder

600 East Walnut Street

The Recorder’s office performs a variety of administrative work and records management for the City of Dickson. Kimberly Givens is the City Recorder and Office Coordinator for the Public Works Department.

The City Recorder serves as custodian of official City records and public documents; performs certification and recording for the City as required on legal documents and other records requiring such certification; seals and attests by signature to ordinances, resolutions, and contracts, easements, deeds, bonds or other documents requiring City certifications; catalogs and files all city records.

The City Recorder attends regular and special meetings of the City Council; performs an accurate recording of the proceedings, preparation of the minutes of said meetings, and files the necessary documents for public records.

The Recorder files ordinances and resolutions of the Council and oversees the codification of ordinances into the Municipal Code as well as the City Charter and maintains all paperwork in a fire proof vault.

Beer Permits

Beer permits are issued from the Recorder’s office after approval fron the Beer Board of the City Council.

Applications can be obtained from the Recorder's office located at City Hall. A background investigation will be conducted by the Dickson Police Department. After all fees are paid and the results of the background investigation are completed, the Police Department presents the application to the Recorder to be heard before the Beer Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council.

The collection of annual beer and liquor privilege tax is collected by the Tax Collector’s office.

Cemetery Deeds:

The Recorder maintains copies of cemetery deed records for East Dickson Cemetery (Sanders Addition) and Union Cemetery (Hayes Addition) which are also kept in a fire proof vault.